The Ombudsman Program assists residents of Long-Term Care Facilities, Assisted Living facilities, and Adult Foster Care Homes with complaints or concerns. The Ombudsman receives, investigates, and attempts to resolve problems or complaints affecting the health, safety, rights, and welfare of residents in Long-Term Care Facilities. Ombudsman services are confidential and free.

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Contact Numbers

812-948-8330  or  Toll Free:  888-948-8330
812-542-6895 TTY
877-641-5826 TTY  Toll Free
800-622-4484 (Long-Term Care Ombudsman)

Reporting a Problem

If a client (or family member) has a complaint regarding food, lost clothing, or their care that has not been suitably addressed by the administrator of the client’s facility contact the Ombudsman. After permission has been given to look at a clients record the Ombudsman will investigate and talk to the appropriate people regarding the complaint. The Ombudsman will then work with the facility and client to resolve the issue.

The Ombudsman also works closely with Adult Protective Services and the Indiana State Board of Health when investigating complaints concerning abuse or neglect.

Anyone can file a complaint with the Ombudsman on behalf of a Long-Term Care Facility patient.

Facility and Assistance Information

The Ombudsman is capable of answering questions and providing information and referral about Long-Term Care facilities. This information includes:
How to look for a nursing home.
How to resolve a complaint on their own using the Internet.

The Ombudsman also provides in-service trainings for residents, family council, long term care facility staff and churches.

The Ombudsman works with facilities to identify issues and problem areas in Long-Term Care facilities and recommends needed changes.

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